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What can I do with the NT Series Scooter?
In addition to being used as a personal transporter, the NT Scooter can also make your life smarter.  A smart electric, self balancing sensor controlled vehicle. With instinctive operation and a thrilling drive experience, NT Scooter  provides you a whole new way of urban commuting and touring.
How long do I need to charge the Battery?
The NT Scooter  Battery usually needs 1-2 hours charge. To maximize the performance of your NT Scooter Battery, please fully charge it once a month, or every 2 days during regular use—whichever comes first.
Can I drive the NT Scooter on public roads?
The NT Scooter  is not a substitute for a traditional 4-wheeled vehicle. Do not drive the NT Scooter on public roads and sidewalks. If you have to do so, you should consult local authorities before driving to become familiar with applicable laws and regulations.
Is it easy operation?
The NT Scooter is incredibly easy to operate—most people learn how to ride it in less than ten minutes.